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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 132 March 2019

At Opus HQ we’ve spent the last few months planning Festival of Debate 2019. Alongside Now Then, it’s probably our most high-profile project and this year will be no exception, with over 60 events taking place all over Sheffield between 19 April and 1 June. The programme launches later this month, but in the meantime you can read more and get a couple of pre- announcements.

The no-nonsense artwork of Lisa Maltby decorates this issue.

Thank you to all our volunteer writers this month. It’s another strong issue, but in particular I’d recommend Harry Gold’s piece about Kraftwerk and Issac Hanson’s piece, Struggle for Space.


This month's articles

Localcheck Women Talk Sense

International Women's Day is celebrated in Sheffield this month. SheFest is collaborating with Sheffield Theatres, Museums Sheffield and…

Dogville: An Urbane Canine Review

I'm writing this article to offer the answer to my own question: Where are the dog columns? By that I don't mean the ones I'm supposed to…

Boris: A Word From The Man Himself

Hello chaps,Boris Johnson here. Yep, that's right, former Foreign Secretary, Vote Leave front man and all-round top chap. What with Brexit…

A Mediterranean Feast

[PIC5]When it comes to Italian food there's a real abundance of choice. In each area of Italy and across its islands, you'll find many…

Nubiyan Twist Afrobeat-reggae-jazz extravaganza

Leading up to the release of their new album, Jungle Run, we talked to Nick and Joe of Nubiyan Twist, a band that've been making waves nationwide with a unique sound that defies easy definition.

The Chris Arnold Experience

Long-time readers of Now Then may remember the completely useless Chris Arnold advice column. Frankly we had forgotten all about him, but…