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Now Then is funded through our membership alliance, working in partnership with local independent traders, charities and civil society groups who share our values. 

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Andy Brown

We are living through a time of great change, so at Now Then we’re changing things up.

As the coronavirus pandemic began, we suspended the printed edition of Now Then Magazine in Sheffield. We are still exploring how and in what form to return to print, and how that might best complement the growth of our digital presence.

In August 2020 we launched Now Then online, which has gone from strength to strength. We now publish more articles per week than ever before, reporting on arts and culture, current affairs, holding power to account and putting solutions to the problems of the day front and foremost in our work. We are reaching over 20,000 readers per month and over 30,000 followers on social media. We’re growing faster than ever.

With all this change, we are introducing a new way of doing things.

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Now Then Allies is a membership scheme for organisations who share our values and who want to work with us to thrive together, as organisations and as a city.

We want to celebrate our allies and make sure that organisations, businesses, charities and community groups are seen by our audiences and celebrated for their impact in Sheffield.

We will work with allies by:

  • Hosting bespoke ally pages on the Now Then website, which feature shareable offers, stories and opportunities about our allies’ work.

  • Using advertising within article content to show off and celebrate allies to our readers.

  • Bringing allies together regularly in peer-to-peer support events to identify shared problems, hear solutions from others and deepen networks.

  • Creating and sharing learning resources between allies, making the best of our collective experience and expertise.

  • Using our filmmaking and videography team to create bespoke films for allies, celebrating the impact of their work.

Being an ally means working together to value Sheffield’s alternative arts and culture which makes the city so vibrant. It means working together to hold power to account and make the decisions which affect our lives more visible for the people who live here.

It means amplifying marginalised voices in our city and celebrating our difference. It means leading with solutions, not just problems. It means advocating for local trade, local economies and local traders in our city. It means sharing stories of community, solidarity, recovery and change. It means working together to support each other and thrive together, as allies.

We want to bring people and organisations together to meet, develop new ideas and solve our shared problems. We want to use our collective power to share learning and resources. We want to support each other in a sustainable and ongoing way.

If this sounds good to you, get in touch with the team and find out how to become an ally. // //


If you're interested in advertising on the Now Then website, check out our advertising pack. Prices start at £120+VAT for a one-week campaign.