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A Reyt Queer Do, 16 Feb, Theatre Deli

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Andro & Eve's drag king extravaganza, the chaotically-titled A Reyt Queer Do, is the kind of show that makes you forget about Brexit.

It has the colours and the sounds of Black Mirror's only happy episode, 'San Junipero', a stubborn dream about a 1980s of pink and purple escapism, its citizens creating a world unbound from the politics of gender, shame and any definition of tomorrow.

The tight and energetic performance flies by

In a world of rising tides, depleting fossil fuels and evil politicians, where the only colour to be found is on John Bercow's tie, host LoUis CYfer and guest performers King Kitt, Christian Adore and Jamie Pizazz dare to ask the question: what if things were nice? Their cabaret of lip-sync, comedy and improv dazzles with a queer energy that transcends and entertains. The tight and energetic performance flies by, even with multiple breaks.

Theatre Deli provides the venue for a shindig that benefits from the limited size of the audience and assures a homely vibe, from the bar at the front to the vegan cake stand at the back. The show ends with an eighties-themed dance flick in the cinema's hall. It bears more resemblance to a house party than a night at a club, going on until the hall slowly empties out.

As I brace myself for the cold winds outside I pick up a leftover piece of cake. The tides are rising, fossil fuels are being depleted and Brexit is coming, but we will always have cake.

Máté Mohos

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