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The Chris Arnold Experience

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Long-time readers of Now Then may remember the completely useless Chris Arnold advice column. Frankly we had forgotten all about him, but apparently Chris is back in Sheffield with a stand-up comedy show this month. Always keen to do literally any promotional work he can get his hands on, Chris told us more.

Chris, do you feel bad for abandoning your post as comedy writer at Now Then for the bright lights of Bristol?

Ok, straight away can we not use the term 'abandoning' please? I would like 'passing the baton to the more qualified Sean Morley' to be used in this interview. And to be honest, I do feel bad. That's why I vowed to one day return and bring a Microsoft PowerPoint-orientated comedy show to the city, a promise I am finally delivering on.

The Chris Arnold Experience? What's all this then?

I wanted to take a show on tour and thought I could rustle up a bit of pizzazz by adding the word 'Experience' to the end of my name. My act is kind of like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, just with less guitar and more Microsoft PowerPoint. So much cooler, I think we'd all agree.

Is it really true that you featured in Bonnie Tyler's top 8 friends on MySpace in 2006?

This is completely true. I sat pretty as one of her top pals on the original social media for quite some time. Now, was it actually Dame Bonnie herself operating that account or was it a 50-year-old plumber called Barry from Carmarthen pretending to be her? That, I cannot be so sure of.

The Chris Arnold Experience comes to DINA on 22 March with support from Stan Skinny and Jimmy Slay. Tickets are £4 via Party For The People.

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