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Sam Walby

(he/him) Editor

Sam Walby
I've been Now Then Editor-in-Chief since 2009. I'm a regular contributor and a Director at Opus Independents, the company that publishes Now Then. In my spare time I like to make music and play games of the tabletop and video variety.

Agency in the Workplace: Arup

Sustainability Consultant Lauren Barnes tells us how employee-ownership has helped her identify the things she really cares about and opened up space for important, complex conversations.

Agency in the Workplace: Sheffield Fruit Trees

Oli Sumerling of local worker coop and social enterprise SFT talks about what the team is doing and how working cooperatively should be an "everyday, normal way of doing things".

"Compassion is in all of us"

We spoke to Ruth, Mariana and Nick from Compassionate Sheffield about how they are creating spaces and projects in the city that celebrate and nurture human connection.

Agency in the Workplace: Wicker Pharmacy

In a new series, Wicker Pharmacy Managing Director Ellie Bennett tells Now Then about the employee-owned venture which has served Sheffield every day since 1952.