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About Now Then

Now Then is an independent platform for free, high-quality citizen journalism.

Note: Opus is still processing the impact of Covid-19 on our projects, including Now Then. We are exploring how and when we can return to the printed edition of Now Then Sheffield. In the meantime, all our efforts are going into this website.

At the heart of our approach to publishing is a belief that systemic change is needed to address the pressing social, economic and political challenges we face, as a city and as a society.

Now Then amplifies unheard and marginalised voices, while we also encourage ‘active citizenship’, community participation and a do-it-yourself approach to making things better. Since 2008 we have celebrated and supported the things that make Sheffield great – creativity, collaboration and conscience.

Articles, reviews and interviews are written by local people and the direction of Now Then is shaped by them.

We support the local economy and therefore we do not work with chains, corporations or multinationals. Instead, we work exclusively with independent traders, community groups, charities and local government.

If you have something to say - whether you want to write for us or just have information or recommendations to share - get in touch.

Code of Conduct

As a member of IMPRESS, Now Then adheres to the IMPRESS Standards Code in its reporting. This defines our conduct in the following areas: Accuracy, Attribution & Plagiarism, Children, Discrimination, Harassment, Justice, Privacy, Sources, Suicide and Transparency.

Complaints about breaches of the Standards Code are also handled independently by IMPRESS where required.

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We're committed to removing any barriers between you and our articles – but this means we have to find other ways to fund our award-winning community journalism.

We're building an alternative to the corporate media in Sheffield. Just take our Community Correspondents, who are telling stories that celebrate the diversity of our city.

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About Opus

Opus Independents is a not-for-profit social enterprise working in culture, politics and the arts to support ‘upstream’ solutions to social, political, economic and environmental concerns.

We create platforms for independent information and communication which amplify voices within the local economy, voluntary, community and campaign sectors.

We support active citizenship and community participation. Our core projects are Now Then Magazine, the Now Then App, Festival of Debate, Wordlife, Opus Distribution and the UBI Lab Network.