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We welcome local people to get involved in writing and producing Now Then. Get in touch if you want to contribute – or if you've got a story for us.

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We want to use our platforms to amplify marginalised voices excluded from mainstream media, shine a light on abuses of power, and share eye-opening perspectives on our city and its place in the world.

Now Then is written by passionate local people with something to say. The door is always open to anyone who wants to pitch ideas to us. You don't need previous experience in journalism.

Got a Story to Share? Tip us off!

Now Then is committed to publishing stories which are in the public interest and we know that this sometimes means dealing with sensitive or confidential information.

We need to be able to check any information you give us in a tip off - so please think about how you can help us do that. We can agree to keep your identity hidden in any stories, but in many cases it’s easier for us to verify the information you provide if you tell us who you are.


If it's just a simple 'tip off' and you're not worried about your messages being secure, you can email

Social media

If you prefer to use socials, most of our staff writers and editors (listed on our Contributors page under 'Our Staff') can be reached on Twitter.

Signal app for Android and iPhone

If you would like to contact us securely, you can do this using the Signal app, which is free for Android or iPhone. Signal is a trusted open source platform used by journalists all over the world. It’s more secure than email or WhatsApp.

Once installed, open the Signal app and tap the pen icon (in the top-right on an iPhone, in the bottom-right on Android) to write a new message. Put our Signal number, 07405 216 335, into the search box to send us an encrypted message. We will know your phone number, but all our communications will be encrypted.

If you plan to use Signal, we recommend reading this guide from The Intercept.

Please note: Phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages and any other type of message won’t be picked up on this number - it’s just for Signal messages.

Snail mail

Alternatively, you can use 'snail mail' to get in touch or send us information:

Now Then Magazine, 71 Hill Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 4SP, United Kingdom.


In a time when trust in media is at all-time low, Now Then chooses to to be regulated by IMPRESS, the independent monitor for the UK press which is recognised by the Press Recognition Panel and fully compliant with the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry.

We can look into complaints related to alleged breaches of the IMPRESS Standards Code via our complaints system.