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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 134 May 2019

The Festival of Debate 2019 programme is now well underway. If you’ve not had a look yet, pick up a green and yellow programme around town, visit or turn the page for some of our highlights.

It’s all change this month at Now Then, as we’re proud to announce our new print partner, local company Northend, who have recently had a rebrand themselves. Check them out if you ever need anything printing.

With Sheffield Doc/Fest just around the corner, an internationally recognised documentary film festival on our doorstep, I chatted to Barnaby Francis (aka Bill Posters) about his upcoming Alternate Realities exhibition, Spectre, which runs at Site Gallery during the festival. It’s also our great pleasure to interview sound artist and all-round musical experimentalist Holly Herndon, which Sarah Sharp does a great job of.

Featured art comes from local legend Joe Scarborough. Please don’t forget that we have an open submissions policy at Now Then. You don’t even need any experience of writing to get involved, so drop me a line if you’re interested.


This month's articles

Paul Mason Author & journalist talks Clear Bright Future

Paul Mason discusses formative years of strikes and resistance, and the ongoing political situation in Britain and beyond - which he sees as the death throes of the world that Thatcher built atop the bones of the welfare state.


The world of beer is an exciting one and in Sheffield we are blessed with plenty of great breweries, shops, pubs and bars. Even if you…

John Gray Seven Types of Atheism

Anyone who has followed the work of John Gray over the past two decades could be forgiven for believing him to be endowed with the gift of…

Joe Scarborough A long career in oil

Everywhere you look in Joe Scarborough's work, little gatherings are occurring, discrete scenes of everyday life that capture a more meaningful whole.

Close to the Edit

In the ossified culture of contemporary rock, editing is tantamount to sacrilege. Think of the neo-luddite Jack White, and his refusal to…

Headsup Wheat Beat Weekender

I meet Johnny and Steve in a pub not far from the end of the Parkway, having been intrigued at the prospect of a new festival taking place…

Avengers: Endgame

When Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Avengers: Endgame, pleaded fans not to spoil the plot of the movie coming up to its release, they…

Minding The Gap

The winner of the Audience Award at last year's Sheffield Doc/Fest, Minding The Gap is a stunning, heartfelt and candid chronicle of the…