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Movements (May '19): People gonna rise like water

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I've spent the last week in London for the Extinction Rebellion occupation, an amazing testament to people power.

It was incredibly 'active' and I learnt the importance of giving yourself a rest - taking time to reflect on what has been achieved and why, talking with others about the space and the movement that has been created. And also, don't forget sun cream and water.

Now I've had a day to put my feet up I'm feeling fired up again. I recommend checking out the videos and photos on Twitter so you are too, then let's go forward and change the world, folks.

Eleanor Holmshaw

May Day

Sat 4 May | Devonshire Green, Barkers Pool & DINA | 1pm-late

'Ere up North, May Day is synonymous with International Worker's Day, a celebration for labourers and the working class. Sheffield TUC have organised a march and rally followed by discussions and music at DINA. If that's not enough for you, Chesterfield has a huge event on actual May Day (Monday 6 May) as well, with speakers from across the world and an appearance from John McDonnell.

Community Reaction 2

Sun 5 May | Hagglers Corner, S2 4DU | 2-6pm

Save Our Sandwiches are a student-led team rescuing and redistributing surplus food from Uni campuses to vulnerable people. This second annual event aims to bring people together to engage with issues of homelessness and food poverty, through live music, talks, poetry and food.

Organic Food Growing Masterclasses

Sat 4, 11 & 18 May | Wortley Hall Walled Garden, S35 7DB | 10am-1pm

If you want to survive Brexit and the climate apocalypse, learning how to feed yourself and your neighbours is definitely up there on the essential skills list. Heeley City Farm have organised these weekly sessions covering propagation, then crops, then fruit and perennials.

Ride for Nicaragua

Sun 12 May | Hallamshire Squash & Tennis Club, S11 8TA | 8-9am start

There have been hundreds of deaths, political prisoners and press censorship since Nicaragua's civil uprising last April. Fundraising to support human rights work in the country, the Sheffield-Estelí Society has organised a bike ride - 10, 20 or 50 miles, depending on how keen you're feeling - starting in Endcliffe Park.

Abseil for Cathedral Archer Project

Sun 12 May | Owen Building, S1 1WB | 10am-5pm

I've heard there are beautiful views from the top... CAP are asking you to raise £100 to go towards their work supporting homeless adults, so if you're not terrified of heights, or if you're ready to shock yourself out of your fear, get ready to step off.

Parents Rise Up

Sat 12 May | Sheffield Town Hall, S1 2HH | 11am-1pm

Following the Youth Strike for the Climate, it's the adults' turn now. If you've been inspired by your children, grandchildren or the young uns around you, borrow their placards and make some noise, calling on our Council and our Government to take action to save the planet and the life on it.

International Conscientious Objectors Day

Wed 15 May | Peace Gardens, S1 2HH | 12:30-1:30pm

Join Sheffield Creative Action For Peace for readings and songs, followed by a white poppy wreath laying and a minute's silence in Barkers Pool to reflect on those throughout history and across the world today who have sacrificed their freedom to stand for peace.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia

Fri 17 May | Peace Gardens, S1 2HH | 15:30-7pm

In contrast to the minute's silence above, SAYiT are calling for a minute of noise to draw attention to the violence and discrimination experienced globally by LGBT+ people. The day marks the date just 29 years ago that the World Health Organisation declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder. This year's theme is Justice and Protection for All.

Ending the Tory Hostile Environment with Maya Goodfellow

Sat 18 May | St Mary's Church, S2 4QZ | 10:30am-12pm

For Labour party members Heeley CLP have invited Maya Goodfellow - writer and researcher for The Guardian, New York Times and Media Diversified and author of the forthcoming Hostile Environment - to speak about racism and immigration, followed by discussion of related Labour Party policy, issues raised by voters and possible solutions.

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