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Felicity Jackson

Content Editor

I started volunteering for Now Then as a proof reader back in 2010 and have been working for Opus since 2014. My role at Opus is multi-faceted and I'm lucky that a sizeable portion of my time is spent writing. I love docs, books, the outdoors and my Gretsch. My areas of interest include feminism and social change.

Blink Vivid Video: One Day With

Blink Vivid Video's enthusiasm for working with artists, independent businesses and charitable organisations, and their desire to enrich the local community are things we can really relate to here at Now Then. We chatted to Aidan from Blink Vivid to hear more about their work.

Light Entries Charity record label sheds light on Sheffield outtakes

Over the weekend, Sheffield-based trio Broken FM launched a brand new charity record label. Light Entries exists to share electronic music that's doing something different, "focusing on tracks that convey emotion in whichever way suits them best". We chatted to the band to hear more about this exciting project.

Fulfilment through film

"I always aim to create an aesthetic that complements the brand or business I am working with," says videographer David Harris.