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Open Up returns to Sheffield

As Sheffield's favourite open studio event pops the champagne on its 25th anniversary, the much-loved, long-standing festival of creativity and making will spring to life in Sheffield over two glorious weekends in April and May.


Holly Clifford, Contour Map Collection, Walkley
The words Open Up Sheffield Art Studios over a blue and yellow swirl.

Open Up Sheffield Art Studios

Collectively, the 115 artists and makers who call Sheffield home form a vibrant and diverse element of the city’s cultural fabric. The annual opening-up of their studios to the public is a rare opportunity for you to see fantastic quality artwork, while exploring new places around the city and meeting new folks.

The word ‘art’ is often synonymous with the word ‘exhibition’ but Open Up seeks to bring festival-goers an experience that is sociable and family friendly, where artists and makers will welcome you into their studios, show you around, chat about their work and answer any questions you might have.

Kate Jacob, abstract artist and co-founder of Open Up in 1998 explained her inspiration:

I love going to open studios. You can visit an artist in their studios, gardens or home, in their setting. Sometimes having a cup of tea and always chatting to people, it’s such a nice way for artists and audiences to meet, and people are fascinated by how and where artists work.

Kate Jacob

It all started when I said to Keith Haymen - co-founder of Open Up Sheffield - why aren't we doing an open studios event in Sheffield? We named it Open Up and here we are 25 years later.

Kate Jacob

It’s free entry to all of the studios, so get some pals together, pick a date you can all do and pop it in your calendar. Open Up will take place from Saturday 29 April to Monday 1 May, and on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May. You can visit the website for more information.

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Open Up takes place in many different studios. Please contact the artists individually if you have questions about disabled access. These artists have identified their studios as “more accessible” on the website.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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