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Open Up is DIY culture at its best

It's April, the daffodils are blooming and the birds are in full song, which means that Sheffield's favourite open studio event is fast approaching.

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Karen Sherwood, SOAR Works
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Sheffield is renowned for its DIY culture and Open Up is a shining example of people coming together to share their time, passion and knowledge.

The artists and makers who'll be welcoming you through their doors over two weekends in April and May come from myriad creative backgrounds, so there's sure to be something that piques your interest. And while there will be artwork available to buy, you can rest easy knowing that there will be no hard sell.

The nature of the festival reflects the make-up of the city as a collection of enclaves, with studios opening up in neighbourhoods all over the place, from Park Hill and Meersbrook to Mosborough and the city centre, and everywhere in between.

Local potter and long-term Open Up maker Mary Else said of the festival:

Open Up is so much more than just an exhibition, and although there is work for sale, I really want people to come and see my work and have a discussion about it.

It’s a unique opportunity as there really aren’t that many galleries that will show local artists' work, and you rarely get the opportunity to speak to the maker in their studio.

Want to know more about the artists who'll be taking part in Open Up? Head to their website for the full lowdown.

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Open Up takes place in many different studios, so accessibility information is not available. Artists can be contacted individually if you have questions about disabled access. These artists have identified their studios as “more accessible”.

Open Up runs on Saturday 29 April to Monday 1 May, and Saturday 6 May to Sunday 7 May. Studio opening times are between 11am and 5pm.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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