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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 88 July 2015

As always, we take a break from print in July and August. This month we’ve got the illustrative talents of Nick Taylor on art duties. Don’t forget you can press the button the far left of the top menu bar to peruse the artwork on its own.

We’ve secured interviews with folklorist and storyteller Simon Heywood, Manchester-based Tru Thoughts musician Werkha and local studio and rehearsal space Hybrid³. I’d also recommend reading Alt-Sheff’s guide to summer festivals in Sheffield, as well as Joe Penrose’s great piece on AFC Unity, a local alternative women’s football team.

Get in touch if you’ve got something to say or if there’s something you think we should be covering.

This month’s mix comes from a long-time friend of Now Then, photographer and filmmaker Nathan Gibson. Gibbo’s got some diverse tastes, it seems. Press play.

This month's articles

Localcheck Summer Festivals

Summer is made for carnivals. As the bees buzz and the grass gently cooks, Sheffield chills out a bit. Missing Peace in the Park? Don't…

The Net: The Internet and Me

From the age of two, I would sit in my little red chair at nursery, eyes fixated on a boxy computer screen in the hope of getting the…

I Am: Hallam Degree show round-up

There are signs dotted around Sheffield City Centre, leading from the train station to various venues within the Sheffield Hallam campus,…

Urban Food

500g cooking apples, after peeling and coring 500g blackberries 75ml water 1kg sugar 1. Put the sliced apple and water into the…

Charlotte Ansell / Jonathan Butcher / Chris Baldwin

My sister spent the seventies in a Wonder Woman costume, or that mud brown jumpsuit when she draped herself over Dad’s Cortina for a…

My sister spent the seventies
in a Wonder Woman costume,
or that mud brown jumpsuit
when she draped herself over
Dad’s Cortina for a photo

Nick Taylor: Embracing happy accidents

With the online-only nature of July’s magazine, it seems natural to welcome Nick Taylor, a digital illustrator from Worksop, onto our pages…

Sound Got the Album, Got the T Shirt

No tour is complete without its merch tables, stocked up high with shirts, discs and limited edition knick-knacks - a stable way of earning…

Werkha From Zapatista to Tru Thoughts

Tom Leah, aka Werkha, had a large 2014. We spoke to him about signing with Tru Thoughts, the new album, and matching beers with beats.

Headsup Hybrid³

Matt Ritchie is a local businessman and musician from Sheffield. He and business partner Dave O'Hagan recently launched Hybrid³, a creative…

Cool Beans A Guide To...

Twelve consecutive written guides came to an emotional conclusion in last month’s edition of Now Then with The Cool Beans Guide to…