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Twelve consecutive written guides came to an emotional conclusion in last month’s edition of Now Then with The Cool Beans Guide to Starting A TV show. I know, I know. Wipe away your tears. You still have the memories, until someone hits you over the head with a shovel and you develop amnesia (unfortunately we never had the chance to publish The Cool Beans Guide to Avoiding Being Hit Over The Head With A Shovel and Developing Amnesia), which will almost certainly happen to you at some point in your life. Now it’s only fair that we practice what we preach and prove to you all that we’re not just a Gillian McKeith bossy boots ordering you all around, informing you that only we know how to do certain tasks, that it’s our way or the highway, that if you don’t follow the Cool Beans guides then you’ll certainly end up alone and childless and crying yourself to sleep at night, etc, etc. But how do you prove yourself in 2015? You whack a video up on YouTube, that’s how. Times that by three and you’ve got yourself this month’s column. Thirsty for more top tips? You can also watch The Cool Beans Guide To Writing The Perfect CV in episode 2, series 1 and The Cool Beans Guide To Starting A Rock Band in episode 6, series 2 of the Cool Beans Television Show at

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