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Woman at War

Protagonist and antagonist Hella balances her environmental and personal lives.

Words of Love

The beauty of Leonard Cohen's words is superbly captured in the documentary.


If “Here’s Johnny!” is a catchphrase to strike a chill in the heart, then Greta’s equivalent could be “Mon Cherie”.


Manchester's budding filmmaking talents shared the fruits of their labour at The Yard on 5 April.

The Raft

A film that throws a light onto a social experiment conducted by Santiago Genoves - with the results not being too surprising.

Who Will Write Our History?

A profoundly impactful piece, which aims to display as much as possible in conveying the story of the people who created an archive of Polish Jews’ writings and artwork buried beneath the Warsaw ghettos.

A Simple Favour

The suave female-led noir that I didn’t know I needed.

The Favourite

The undocumented spaces in history are exploited to add intrigue into the plotline of this tale of backstabbing and political manoeuvring.

Doc/Fest 2018, Part 2 / Leave No Trace

Several of Doc/Fest 2018’s most impressive films, especially in their clear aim to give voice to their central protagonists, revolve around…