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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 80 November 2014

2,000 of you lovely people have now downloaded the Now Then Discounts app. We hope you’re enjoying all the offers and discounts with independent traders all over the city. If you haven’t taken a look yet and you have a clever phone or tablet thing, go here.

It’s hard to believe this is Now Then #80. We’re not going anywhere. If you want any back issues, you can always order them on our shop. £4 a pop including UK postage.

If you’re lucky there’ll be a promotional flexi disc vinyl inserted into this magazine, courtesy of CPU Records. If you haven’t got one, seek and you shall find. Read more about it on page 40.

Lastly, don’t miss our Kate Tempest show at Plug on 8 November. At the time of going to print she’s favourite to win the Mercury Music Prize. Tickets on the Plug website.

This month, Former Sheffield resident Floorboard George delivers us a mix direct from New Zealand.


This month's articles

Localcheck The North

There's a gun smoke scent of independence in the air since nearly half of Scotland voted for it, despite the pleas of the British…

Planning: Sheffield Under Review

Parts of Sheffield are under review. The future of ex-factory buildings on Sidney Street and the shops at the top edge of Devonshire Street…

Coffee: The Dream of the Coffee House

My wallet won’t close because it is full of loyalty cards for coffee shops. When I’m arranging to meet a friend, want to read a book or a…

Devolution: MPs, Mayors and the PCC

The Scottish referendum has left England with a problem. We want some of what they have. Local devolution for England has become the…

Hypnotherapy: Communicating with the mind

“Look into the eyes. Not around the eyes, directly into the eyes…” Fortunately the idea of concentric, enlarged irises bearing down on you…

Julian Colton / James Lock / James Holden

WANTED: STOLEN THUNDER Dead or alive for the princely sum of four promotions and kitchen dining set Once renowned for…


Dead or alive for the princely sum of	
	four promotions and kitchen dining set
Once renowned 
	for #servingkingharo

Cool Beans A Guide to Vinyl

MP3. MP4. C3PO. UB40. I’ve never really understood all these music file acronyms. For me it’s always been about the wax. Now I know what…

Headsup Nat Johnson

You may know the Sheffield-based songstress, maverick and fighter Nat Johnson best as the former front-woman of Monkey Swallows The…

Filmreel The Fading Art / Listings

The conflict between nostalgia and progression is a constant source of discussion for movie lovers. Is nostalgia determined by topic or by…