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Martin Vlach: Dream-like photos from the Czech Republic

Martin Vlach is a photographer and artist based in the Czech Republic. We don’t know much about him. He was immediately open to featuring his photography in Now Then, discovered on Tumblr during some late night surfing session, but it took a while to convince him to do this interview. Like quite a few artists we have come across over the years, he prefers his work to speak for itself. That said, we managed to extract the following information from him. Where are you based? I'm living in Czech Republic in a small village near Prague. What inspired you to start taking photos? In my early beginnings I did mostly portraits, very colourful and likeable. I did this for almost five years, but then I thought I needed a change and started something new. I left it all behind, because I felt that my photos were empty and drab at that time. Do you have any formal photography training or did you teach yourself? I’ve taught myself over the years. Like many younger photographers, I looked for inspiration on the Internet. I also did an entrance exam for a photographic school, but I didn't pass – twice, to be honest. How do you describe your artwork to people who have never seen it? In my photographs are captured your dreams and also your nightmares. What techniques do you use when making your work? I let my thoughts flow free, try to not think too much and keep it all really unconstrained. I also try to not push myself to create something, because I know that what I produce wouldn't be as good. What do you hope to capture? I always wanted to capture real emotion - just simple photos full of emotion which would have an impact on people. How do you spend your days? Nowadays it's all about school, which keeps me quite busy. Otherwise my life isn't very different from the lives of my peers. How has your approach to your art changed over the years? I would definitely say that my style has changed but my approach is the same as it ever was. What are you working on at the moment? Nothing to be honest. As I said before I try to not push myself to work. So right now I'm waiting for my muse. Hopefully she'll come really soon. Good advice you wish you'd been told earlier? I wouldn't listen anyway. )

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