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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 46 January 2012

Welcome to our first issue of 2012. We are online only this month, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the usual prime selection of articles and artwork for you to peruse at your leisure.

Recommended read goes to Mick Ibbotson’s piece on Sheffield’s roads and the council’s plans to bring them up to standard. Artwork is provided by a group of Now Then regulars – Michael Latimer, Caz Haigh, Craww and Jon Birdseed. Check the January Sales page for recommended purchases from these local makers. We always tell you how important it is to support local businesses, but in my opinion it is just as vital to give money to creative individuals who are enriching the community with their artistic output.

I trust your festive breaks were suitably and unsuitably inebriated, and that not too many family members were offended during its course. It is always a difficult balance to strike.

This month's articles

Localcheck Downshifting.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the American idea of downshifting. It's more than some middle-class fight for the 'good life'. You…

Filmreel Entitlement.

This month's Filmreel addresses, once more, a rather subjective concept. It took me some time to 'sell the theme' to our very open-minded…

Blend / Winter Warmers.

PHILL JAMES. Serves 2. Whirlow Hall Farm was set up as an educational trust in 1979 by Alan Aiken with the aim of providing a centre for…

Legal Aid: More Coalition Cuts

"I hear a lot of talk about the rule of law but we can't have the rule of law if people can't afford the law." So said David Blunkett MP,…

Roads: The Road to Nowhere?

Sheffield is on the verge of a major project to upgrade all its roads to a proper standard after years of being neglected, patched and…

Sound Cultural Appropriation in Music.

There's the long-lasting 'debate about aura', writes Louise Gray in the brief but insightful No Nonsense Guide to World Music: 'Each sound,…

Go and Read: F Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald's works are love and unhappiness and beauty and drunkenness. His writing is poetry masquerading as prose that rises and…

Headsup Sheffield Jazz.

Sheffield Jazz is a mainstay on the local circuit, having operated in its current form since 1992. Hosting a show every two weeks…

January Sales: Buy local art

Latimer - a great example of graphic experimentation - has spent a large chunk of the last year making simple, refined and abstract works…

Literature in Sheffield.

the Christmas coca cola truck tinsel and baubles plastic tree and flashing lights are hard to take she finds my real tree wooden toys and…

the Christmas coca cola truck
tinsel and baubles
plastic tree
and flashing lights
are hard to take
she finds
my real tree
wooden toys

Paul White: All musical forms

Paul White's love of all musical forms has seen him mix classical symphonies under dialogue from a kitchen sink drama. Achievements include…