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Literature in Sheffield.

by Now Then Sheffield

the Christmas coca cola truck tinsel and baubles plastic tree and flashing lights are hard to take

she finds my real tree wooden toys and paper decorations boring and pretentious

but we both know that neither of us chose what makes us happy.



part of me's one of those picturesque villages that's stayed the same for strangers who have no interest in nearby places that had to change.



upon a steeped slope the captain's cottage rests and a kiss

the old arch reveals a leopard woman majestic

murmuring tide advancing galloping tongues of rock enticing a lover's death

the pier funnels the waves surging against the harbour wall

fossils use the wet sand communicating their story dense stories of sorrow

an awkward silhouette beneath a smugglers tunnel

the sky is mottled full of rain and promises

is there a lighthouse here? how fast is the tide?

our boots full of sea water a quiet happiness basks the town

waves roll in atop the undertow even while the city encases us

Butterflies seem rare this year.


by Now Then Sheffield

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