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January Sales: Buy local art

Latimer - a great example of graphic experimentation - has spent a large chunk of the last year making simple, refined and abstract works that make me incredibly happy. I have developed a growing respect for geometry and line work of late, and Latimer is the local forerunner.

There's a large range of prints available on Michael's website for £60-£100, but I strongly recommend the featured image. Printed by Spectrum, these giclee prints have changed my opinion of digital printing. Heavy ink on quality thick paper, they are great things to own and be around. Latimer uses colour with a skilled touch that illustrates his graphic design heritage perfectly.


Caz recently moved to London from this side of the Peaks. Creating self-titled 'conscientious art', she treads the line between product-led art and something with a lot more political and environmental purpose. Not wishy-washy art justified by long explanations, but strong final products with strong moral messages.

A range of meticulous screenprints of Caz's work are available at The Old Sweet Shop in Nether Edge.


Our lad Craww is doing rather well at the moment. The Americans have spotted him. Working from town, he had his first show in LA last September, and is now busy working for a much bigger show at CAVE gallery in San Francisco, a secretive collection of images I can't wait to see.

The featured image comes from some cut price originals currently on sale on his site. You will be lucky to see prices like this again for his work. I can't explain how much his originals differ from any print or photo of his art. I thought I had a good handle on his styles until standing in front of one. The paint is vibrant, etched into the boards and intricate. Proper powerful art.


I am not inclined to excessive hyperbole, but Mr Birdseed is a genius. Good visual communication is a rare skill nowadays, and Jon is adept. Always amusing, always visually pleasing and always different, he is one of my favourite local artists.

His screen-printed editions of his work sell out within weeks. He's just told me an edition of the 'Girgraph' will soon go on sale at The Old Sweet Shop. I'd recommend getting in there and pre-ordering to avoid disappointment.


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the Christmas coca cola truck
tinsel and baubles
plastic tree
and flashing lights
are hard to take
she finds
my real tree
wooden toys

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