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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 115 October 2017

Hello and welcome to our 115th issue, adorned with the collages of British artist Katie Ponder.

It’s festival season here in Sheffield, with Sensoria (30 Sep – 8 Oct), No Bounds (13-15 Oct), Off The Shelf (7-28 Oct), Celluloid Screams (20-22 Oct), Melanin Fest (throughout Oct), Classical Sheffield (21-22 Oct), Understanding Society (4-11 Nov) and Algomech (8-12 Nov). There are probably others I’ve neglected to mention. Get yourselves out of the house and sample the fantastic, diverse range of events being curated across the city at the moment.

This month, I’d recommend you read Isaac Hanson’s piece (p10), looking to the future as a young person, as well as Andrew Wood’s latest musings (p13) and Sam Gregory’s interview with techno icon Jeff Mills (p44), who’s playing at No Bounds Festival.

Thank you to everyone who came down to the gig we hosted at Abbeydale Picture House last month with King Capisce and Roller Trio. We’re hoping to put more stuff on at that cathedral of a venue, as well at other locations, so stay tuned.


This month's articles

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Subtopia: Don't Want for More

I found a wallet in the street with two identities in it. Which is the real one? Why carry both at the same time? Surely that's a schoolboy…

Recipe Steak with Coffee Spice Rub

Coffee is an ingredient which works well in cooking, offering roasted nutty richness to savoury dishes and giving a bitter balance to sweet…

Mark Fisher Was My DJ (R.I.P. 1968-2017)

Now or then? For readers who have never heard of Mark Fisher, I write to you to describe these two versions of the British theorist. Since…