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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 56 November 2012

Another cracking issue for you this time around, held together by a stunning art submission from François Réau. We are proud to showcase a whole range of artistic styles and movements in Now Then, but François’ work breaks new ground for us as a publication. The level of depth and attention to detail is superb. Read our interview with him on page 35.

The words are just as strong, with a feature by Alex Keegan celebrating ten years of Warp Films, a piece about council outsourcing by local campaigner Nigel Slack, and an interview with schoolteacher and poetturned- rap battler Mark Grist, who performed his Dead Poets show for us last month as part of one of our Off The Shelf events.

Now Then Manchester continues to go from strength to strength, with issue #2 due out in December. If you are interested in getting involved or know someone who might be, talk to Ian Pennington on ian[at]nowthenmagazine[dot]com. The more the merrier.


This month's articles

Warp Films: Celebrating Ten Years

Warp Records needs no introduction. Nearly all those reading this magazine will be aware of this city's postindustrial musical identity,…


200g risotto rice per person (I use Arborio) 150g Jerusalem artichokes, peeled and finely sliced 2 sticks of celery, finely chopped 1…

François Réau: Chaotic Simplicity

We didnt find Mr. Réau, he found us. I was at once struck by the strength of his work, a devotion to stripping away the unnecessary and…

Sound The Dying Art of Crate Digging.

As music production becomes more and more accessible, and at a time when it seems music is at a crossroads between older, sample based…

Filmreel Storytelling / Anna Karenina.

JOÃO PAULO SIMÕES. Let me tell you a story. A story of solid friendship and kindred spirits. A story that comes in pairs, as it…

Mark Grist: Dead Poets and Rap Battling

Mark Grist is a poet, promoter and former teacher but also the unlikely public face for Don't Flop, the UK rap battle organisation, after…