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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 45 December 2011

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year – readers, writers, advertisers, local businesses, artists, musicians, promoters. It means a great deal that we are still going strong after three and a half years, and that is as much a testament to you as it is to our own blood and sweat. Here’s to the next three and a half.

That time again. You might even be reading this while eating your freakishly large turkey. But if the big day is still on the horizon, consider buying presents and provisions from local independent businesses. Christmas is all about family and friends, and what better way to show them you care than buying unique presents and tasty local products. Try roasting a pigeon (more on that in our Food section). Consider the impact of your purchases and don’t buy more than you need. I challenge you not to watch rubbish Christmas TV.

Above all, enjoy yourself and the company of others. See you next year.


This month's articles

Localcheck Occupy Sheffield.

A good friend of mine pointed out that life is like a game of Monopoly. Very soon after you get into it you realise that someone's got the…

Wellbeing: Never mind the economy

There has been a lot of fuss about the economy lately, you might have noticed. There's fuss about how we are all in debt to each other to…

Recession: If it looks like a duck

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." George Orwell, Animal Farm. Like a lugubrious wild boar who slovenly…

27b/6 Working in the Design Industry

"I am sick to death of dealing with you designers. Being able to draw and dressing like women doesn't make you special." There are many…

NHS: Competition and Privatisation

Andrew Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill has been attacked on many grounds. I'll summarise these objections before adding my…

James Oliver / Donna Jones / Joe Kriss.

There's a bad case of Moorfoot Where there should have been your work-boots Cos everyone's a winner There's a hordings around nothing…

There's a bad case of Moorfoot 
Where there should have been your work-boots 
Cos everyone's a winner 

There's a hordings around nothing 

Sound Portable Music.

I have absolutely no qualms in admitting I dance to car alarms. I've been known to 'box some beat' to an assortment of birdsong and have…

Headsup Sheffield Techno Institute.

Sheffield Techno Institute, now run by Ben Dorey and Terry Dragatis, has been providing a consistent techno fix since September…

Filmreel (In)voluntary Circumcisions.

This is where I stand on the subject of censorship: every single aspect of the human condition - no matter how dark, difficult or…