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James Oliver / Donna Jones / Joe Kriss.

by Now Then Sheffield

There's a bad case of Moorfoot Where there should have been your work-boots Cos everyone's a winner There's a hordings around nothing It's an 80s Sheffield theme-park Cos everyone's a winner There's four walls in Mosborough you stare at from the inside, all night, all day Cos everyone's a winner And your eyes watch bill reminders, stacked against the odds Where there used to be a paycheck Cos everyone's a winner And your eyes watch A TV celebrity carnie spinning lottery balls with a smile cos everyone's a winner and when you blink, the celebrity has become prime minister spinning lottery balls with a smile cos everyone's a winner and are the kids fighting upstairs? The banging continues and it's bailiffs at the door Cos everyone's a winner Everyone's a winner Everyone's a winner



You took my father into your bowels. Trapped him in your sulphur stained intestines; Burnt him, bled him and blistered his soul; that kohl eyed beauty. Canaries sang their death song to your power. Horses blinded by a dark light, a no light, a never ending night. And yet, magnificent ripped men bowed before you; pick axed. Praised their tonnage, slaked their thirst and stalked you. Redundant now, he still honours you; A staggered kneeling, water logged knees, and lacerated lungs. With racing page and pen, he watches you, talks to you, and curses you; Flames reflected in blue opaque eyes, tired eyes, and calculates his wintry winnings.



1. Forget you ever went to school. 2. Do not mention work, or quote catch phrases from your favourite TV programme. 3. Remember the recycling can wait until tomorrow. 4. Tense your inner acrobat and arch your neck like a gazelle wearing ballet shoes on a yacht 5. Forget you have ever spilt spaghetti bolognaise down a white top. 6. Wear your skin like silk, and misplace the memory of that awkward teenager who was so unsure of himself, he wouldn't get changed in front of his own shadow. 7. Bite your bottom lip as if it owes you money. 8. Roll each word in your mouth with soft growls and satin chocolate as if you have never asked a pharmacist for piles cream. And finally 8. Take off all sharp jewellery


by Now Then Sheffield

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