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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 138 September 2019

Greetings readers. We’re back in black after our usual summer break. It was a well-earned rest but we’re straight into it this month, with a stunning art feature from Spanish painter Cinta Vidal, interviews with portrait photographer Chris Saunders and maximalist noise generators HYPERSTITION DUO, and articles on everything from Marxism in the 21st century to how ‘Common People’ is the perfect Brexit anthem. All the usual rigorous reviews, curated listings and interesting previews are also present and correct.

If you’re new to the mag, or to Sheffield itself, then welcome. Now Then is written by citizen journalists, which is a fancy way of us saying that anyone can contribute. You don’t need any previous experience of writing, just a good idea of what you’re interested in and how you want to get involved. Drop me a line if this appeals.


This month's articles

Carly: A Good News Story - For A Change

Last month, I drove to a supermarket in town to buy some food. I did my shopping, using a granny trolley to try and ensure I would have…

On The Street

Street food is a great way to enjoy cuisines from across the globe. It's the kind of eating that brings people together, whether that's…

Morley's Fun Page What is Capitalism?

Is capitalism typing internet comments without ever releasing the shift key to unlock the power of shouting in the written word? No.

Cinta Vidal Shifting Perspectives

Although she's perhaps too humble to admit it, Cinta Vidal is an artist - and a uniquely talented one at that. Her works are a…

Headsup TalkingGigs

After a hiatus of several years, Talking Gigs are back with a host of new musicians from around the world. We asked organisers Alistair and…

The Farewell

The set-up of The Farewell could be that of a straightforward melodrama or dark comedy. Billi (Awkwafina), a struggling writer in New York,…