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Pixies Beneath The Eyrie

Beneath The Eyrie
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It's got to be difficult releasing new music as a band who started out over 30 years ago. You're well known, you have a recognisable sound, and people are certainly going to voice their opinions about anything you put out.

If you try a new direction, maybe you'll upset your die-hard debut album worshippers. If you stick to what you know, maybe they'll say all your songs sound the same. It's almost as if the more music a band creates, the tighter the scrutiny gets.

The wild highs of some of their earlier albums have softened

With their seventh studio album, Pixies aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, and that suits me to a tee. Their music remains familiar, with varying intensity of their twisted punk rock sound and surreal storytelling.

That said, there's an element of maturity on Beneath the Eyrie which I think has been evident in all three of their albums following their long hiatus. It's provided the growth and progression to keep fans interested. The wild highs of some of their earlier albums have softened and there are added waves of Americana which give new depths to the slower moments. The sound is a bit less sparky, but they have created a professional-sounding record which is entertaining to listen to in its entirety.

Whilst the album alone is enjoyable, what really adds charm to this release is It's A Pixies Podcast, a 12-episode document of the band's journey in making the record. Fans are given exclusive behind-the-scenes content and a rare glimpse into the minds of these mysterious alt-rock legends.

Tasha Franek

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