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Terror Danjah Invasion

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Invasion is the sixth LP by Terror Danjah. Out on Tru Thoughts - home to releases by the likes of Flowdan and Durrty Goodz - the album holds a level of quality not seen from the veteran in his previous outings.

Invasion's opener, 'TBC', features Sir Spyro. It isn't the relentless track you'd expect from this pairing, but rather a cleverly executed instrumental that effortlessly encapsulates many of grime's characteristics: its memorable melodies, strange and often alien choice of instruments, and its ability to grab hold of a listener's attention.

Heavier songs such as 'Last Days' and 'Snowfall' are what fans have come to expect from Terror Danjah. But like the rest of the album, the approach to these tracks is careful and intelligent, preventing them from becoming jarring but without losing their menace. 'Nightmare', 'Scene 1' and 'After Dark' are similar tunes that comfortably do away with the separation between grime and dubstep.

Invasion is the result of careful and intricate writing

'Wavy' has the weightless quality often found on the genre's more experimental tracks, as well as the calming effect found on many quieter releases. The guitar riffs on 'Metal' make it difficult not to think of Ruff Sqwad's production reign in the early 2000s, while the titular track is a sinister reminder of the dark strand of music that inspires Terror Danjah's moniker.

Invasion is the result of careful and intricate writing. Despite Danjah being one of grime's earliest producers, the album isn't an opportunity to create a project steeped in nostalgia. Instead it's a chance for the producer to demonstrate his skill and to tour the still-growing possibilities that the sound he has spent most of his adult life shaping possesses.

Akeem Balogun

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