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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 133 April 2019

This month Opus is proud to release its new company branding into the world, including a new company face (literally, see opposite) and new visual appearance for all our projects, including Now Then and Festival of Debate. We hope this is the beginning of a new chapter for the company and that it will help everything we do become more identifiably part of the Opus family. Our mission as a company remains the same.

Also coming up this month is the launch of Festival of Debate 2019. Read more on page 25 or visit for the full festival programme. Some keynote highlights include George Monbiot & George Marshall, Afua Hirsch, Paul Mason, The Guilty Feminist and James O’Brien.

This month’s issue is looking slick courtesy of featured artist Anna Forlati, who comes to Sheffield soon as part of a collaboration with Ruskin in Sheffield. We’ve got interviews with comic and columnist Mark Steel and country-folk singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters, plus loads more to sink your teeth into.


This month's articles

The Sweet Spot

Treating yourself to something sweet will brighten up any grey day.You only need to look at Instagram for a taste of the sweet treats you…

Creative Writing & Spoken Word

A big thanks to those of you who have been following our experiments with augmented reality and poetry over the last few months. If you've…

Anna Forlati Magic realism in illustration

"Among my illustrations, the ones I prefer are mostly those that emerge from inside rather than outside. Sometimes I conceive them when I'm drifting into sleep."

Gretchen Peters Southern Fried Storytelling

Ahead of the aptly-named Strings Attached tour, which stops in Sheffield this month, we spoke to Gretchen about the past, present and future accomplishments spanning her twelve-album career.

Headsup SONA

Headquartered at DINA, SONA is a group that supports women and self-identifying women in sound and music technology. We spoke to composers…

Standing At The Sky's Edge, Crucible

Written by Chris Bush and featuring the songs of Richard Hawley, Standing at the Sky's Edge is a new musical about life on Park Hill.…


If you like your romances filtered through a Cronenberg lens and sprinkled with a dash of Scandi Noir, you are going to love…