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Leafcutter John Yes! Come Parade With Us

Yes! Come Parade With Us
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Leafcutter John's latest, Yes! Come Parade With Us, is just that - a parade and a celebration that has dropped perfectly in time for spring.

It's full of found sounds from a summer holiday which involved walking 60 miles along the Norfolk coast and as a result it feels like nature has covertly snuck into your home and wrapped itself around the stereo. It conjures up scenes of summer solstice, cast through an orange lens and soaked in tie dye and acid wash.

Easterly waves wash over the beats

The album kicks off with the motorific 'Doing The Beeston Bump', which builds up a frenetic pace with organic samples that catch you unaware and throw you off balance, but only gently. The title track is a euphoric, psychedelic and cheeky song played through discordant modular synths. Easterly waves wash over the beats for that wall of sound effect. 'Pillar' maintains the momentum, sounding like a cross between The Emperor Machine and Radiophonic Workshop as it builds up the tension with what sounds like seabirds in the background. 'Elephant Bones' falls halfway, a hectic, percussive number that gets under your skin with an avant-garde sensibility.

The second half of the record is a much calmer, thoughtful affair, the aftermath of a rough coastal storm. The final tracks are rich, vibrant, melodic and at times stormy.

The sounds John heard as he walked from Hunstanton to Overstrand with his trusty device have shaped this record. If you close your eyes you might just hear water lapping onto Norfolk beaches.

Andy Tattersall

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