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The Day After IWD, 9 March, Hatch

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On the night after International Women's Day, Hatch celebrated the occasion with an energetic line-up of female-fronted live goodness, featuring local bands Crumbs and Nervous Twitch. Precious Metals headlined, delivering an electric mix of indie quirkiness seasoned with occasional electronic elements, while dipping their toes into the heavy guitar sounds that dominated the night.

The intimate and sometimes claustrophobic underground venue welcomed a modest number of guests. They still filled up a room so tight that there was next to no difference between dancing like sardines in a can on the front row and being politely pushed onto the furniture at the back.

Like [...] a very feminist house party

The live setup took up more space than a DJ night and it took some time at the beginning for the show to come to life. Still, the wait was worth it, and by the end it didn't feel like I was crammed together with dozens of strangers in a loud basement, but like I'd just attended a very feminist house party.

Thus, when the lights were turned on all our tequila-spiked Desperados cans had been consumed or chucked to the corner half full in a righteous attempt at discarding. Our entry fees were better utilised, as the money from the event was donated to Ashiana Sheffield, a brilliant charity who support and empower BAMER women and children affected by abuse and violence. Just one more reason why it felt great to spend the night at Hatch.

Máté Mohos

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