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Sean Morley

Fun Writer

Sean Morley edit

Gnashing teeth, affable heart. Sean Morley loves friendship and power.

I’m really enjoying Not-England

Netherlands correspondent Sean Morley documents the experience of moving from Sheffield to North Holland – and the political epiphany of not living in England anymore.

Mandatory Redistribution Party 2020: Part Three

Now that the pandemic response is being led by a focus group of anti-mask Facebook comments, what does the future look like for those of us radical enough to want to retain our sense of smell?

Morley's Fun Page It’s fun to toil

We've glimpsed a society in which non-essential work is paused and people are allowed to be as calm as multiple catastrophes allow. Now we're revving up the Global Warming Machine and preparing to forget that another world was ever possible.

Morley's Fun Page A beautiful day at the snail races

Examining the friction between a desire for an overhaul of oppressive hierarchies through confrontational direct action versus my other desire to sit in a dark room and sweat all the liquid out of my body.

Morley's Fun Page The Clap

Scorched Britons jerk their bodies upright, shake sand from puckered skin and crane their eyes towards a fixed position in the centre of the sun. It is time to commence The Clap.