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Mandatory Redistribution Party

Mandatory Redistribution Party is a radical left comedy podcast brimming with left wing lore, interviews and repartee.

Elon Musk: Imperialist doom twiglet

How did the world’s richest troll disintegrate a fortune through the power of their own corrupted personality? It's a morsel of poetic justice to be savoured like a precious twiglet.

Everyone In

Remember two years ago when the Tories decided to solve homelessness because we were all coughing too much? Was that real? Did I imagine it?

Monet Money Monkey

Why are millionaires displaying the worst artwork you’ve ever seen? Why is my worst uncle trying to sell me imaginary internet money? Welcome to the year of the NFT.

2020: Part Three

Now that the pandemic response is being led by a focus group of anti-mask Facebook comments, what does the future look like for those of us radical enough to want to retain our sense of smell?

Never Meet Your Heroes

Should you really never meet your heroes? Why are we so obsessed with leadership, figureheads and stories about special people?

Is Jonathan Creek copaganda?

Sean Morley looks at the history of policing, the propagandising effect of detective fiction, and asks whether the police force really keeps the peace or creates more violence.


Pando-hell has given us a taste of freedom over where we work. How about a push to decide when we work next?

Order Order

What if you tried to vote on a takeaway order using the same mechanisms as British parliamentary democracy?

Numbers Brain

Exploring the preoccupation with systematising the world - and the dangers of mistaking those systems with reality.