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Morley's Fun Page Kropotkin's Crab

"Oh, no, uh... Peter Kropotkin was a naturalist and anarchist philosopher from the 19th century and he saw a crab here in 1882..."

Sad Facts Fanged Facts Like Barbed Wire

Aunty Agatha's Understanding ZoneDear Aunt Agatha, I found your advice column in the paper yesterday and when I saw you were taking…


The Baby Didn't Vote “But the baby didn’t vote!” This is one of the typical garbled cries you’d hear from a remain moaner, as I call…

Headsup John Kearns

After making history by being the only comedian to win both Best Newcomer and Best Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, John Kearns is…

Sad Facts Clammy News for Furtive Denizens

THE REAL FASCISTS If there’s any real authoritarians here, it’s the authoritarian left. That’s what I say. I say it at least once a day in…

Sheffield’s rich comedy scene

Sheffield is not well known for comedy. But then again, where is? Our hotspots all bustle with the ubiquitous clamour of live music. Much…