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A brightly coloured painting on the side of a building featuring a child and oranges.

Peachzz "Painting is a way I can invite nature back into urban spaces"

The Sheffield-based street artist takes us from grey to green with her large-scale natural scenes.

Peachzz is an international street artist based in Sheffield. Her colourful, natural work does exactly what you'd want from street art – makes you stop and stare, standing in contrast to bare brick, concrete and tarmac.

You can see her work in Macclesfield, Mexico and everywhere in between. We took a few minutes to chat to her about what she does, alongside featuring some of her lovely mural work.

How did you start out as a street artist? What first inspired you to pick up the paints and what was the process behind scaling your work up to cover such big spaces?

I first saw street art when I went to Bristol and witnessed street artists painting. I thought to myself how amazing it was, but it seemed impossible. I didn't even consider how I could do it myself. I was just in pure awe.

Just a few years on, whilst studying in my last year of Illustration at Sheffield Hallam, a couple of friends of mine started going out to abandoned spots to paint, which Sheffield was rich in at the time. Very quickly we were out painting spots every week, especially behind the iconic Niche nightclub.

It was in scaling up my work with spray paints that I truly discovered my passion. After years of struggling to find my artistic niche, this experience allowed me to express myself through bold gestures and vibrant colours. It was a transformative moment.

On a low wall in front of a Sheffield Hallam University building and under a bright blue sky, a colourful painting depicts two hands holding, and surrounded by, flowers.

Sheffield, 2023


Your work has a real connection to nature. It's refreshing to see such colourful natural imagery in urban settings. Is that one of the main motivations for the subjects of your pieces? Why is that important to you?

I have an affinity with wildlife and a compulsion to paint it, especially in abandoned spaces. I loved the contrast with the dilapidated concrete structures. It was like nature was emerging back into these spaces.

Later in my painting career, I like to portray nature as a way to remind the viewer of what is around us. It is a way I can, in my own way, invite nature back into these spaces.

On a tall column at the side of a railway bridge, birds are painted against a pink background.

Macclesfield, 2022


I would like to think my work is constantly evolving, whether it's pushing myself technically or conceptually. A few years back, I completed a project with Arts Council England to paint portraits, which was an important challenge for me.

I want to be able to connect with the public and tell a story, whether it's about biodiversity, community or culture. I consider these three things my main values.

On the side of a building is painted a large puffin with fish in its mouth. The fish are adorned with flowers. The painting is bold and colourful.

Weston-Super-Mare, 2023

On a large city wall, there's a painting of a heron against a background of blues and greens.

Manchester, 2021


A real perk of the job must be all the travelling you've done. Have there been any recent highlights? Is the experience of painting any different in other parts of the world?

There are so many highlights, with the main ones coming from the people I have met and the cultures I have experienced. It is one of the main things that inspire my work and fuel such colourful pieces.

It's important to remember how special our planet is, especially when the world is struggling with its conflicts. There are so many good people and beautiful places.

Two walls of a building, and a wall that extends from the building, are covered in a painting of parrots in flight in front of a pink sun and turquoise background.

Manchester, 2023


What are you working on at the minute? Anything in Sheffield?

I'm currently working on an amazing project in Walkley with Zest, which will be completed by the end of February.

Anything else you'd like to share with people?

I would love to share the news that me and my studio partner will be putting on a street art festival this year or next called lick of paint fest, a good one to keep your eyes peeled for!

by Sam Walby (he/him)
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