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Right to Thrive

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Right to Thrive explores local people's connections to the River Don through a collection of generative interviews.

Starting with a foundational question – What if we recognised the River Don's right to thrive? – we encourage people to question extractive, human-centred views of nature in favour of recognising and celebrating its right to thrive, towards understanding what the Don is trying to tell us – and what it needs from us. We are also sharing our interviews with artists in Sheffield to act as source material for creative responses.

This series is produced in collaboration with the River Dôn Project with funding from Sheffield Hallam Research and Innovation Fund, which supports "bold research and innovations to advance our understanding and impact on climate and sustainability issues."

To learn more about the River Dôn Project, come along the Festival of Debate event How Can the River Don Ask For Help? on Tuesday 14 May 2024 at Weston Park Museum.