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Sam Walby

Leigh Jennings Witty & profane embroidery

It's always great to throw the spotlight onto an artist whose discipline is entirely new to us and to our best knowledge we've never featured embroidery in Now Then.

Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth

Critically-acclaimed documentary Seahorse follows a trans man's journey to carry his own baby. We chatted to director and producer Jeanie Fi…

Fem Sorcell Pattern, surface & space

We've been spotting the work of Fem Sorcell for a couple of years, popping up on walls and in exhibition spaces across Sheffield. Her disti…

Spectre at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019

Part of this year's Alternative Realities programme, Sheffield Doc/Fest's mixed reality offering, Spectre by Bill Posters and Dr Daniel Howe…

Joe Scarborough A long career in oil

Everywhere you look in Joe Scarborough's work, little gatherings are occurring, discrete scenes of everyday life that capture a more meaningful whole.

Spectre: Data Dystopia at Doc/Fest 2019

A project by Barnaby Francis (also known as Bill Posters) and Daniel Howe, Spectre is the winner of this year's Doc/Fest Alternate Realities…

The Chris Arnold Experience

Long-time readers of Now Then may remember the completely useless Chris Arnold advice column. Frankly we had forgotten all about him, but ap…