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Celluloid Streams

Hitchcock and a Sushi Master

The August instalment of Celluloid Streams takes you around the globe, stopping off at America, China, Zambia and Japan.

Action, Indies and Star-Studded Casts

As the country stumbles into the school holidays, we have a selection of films which are streaming now to try and take your mind off it.

This week's film recommendations

Summer is here, but as this is Britain and it's bound to rain, we have another selection of films which can be streamed online now.

Wide selection of documentaries available to watch now

For obvious reasons, Sheffield Doc/Fest is unable to take place in the city this June. Whilst there are plans for physical screenings in autumn, there's no need to wait because the festival launched its own video on demand service this week, offering over 70 films for UK viewers.

What to watch this week

We're back again with another selection of films which are available to stream now.