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Celluloid Streams: More recommended films and docs

With the weeks skipping by, we're back with another selection of films which are available to stream now.

Welcome to Chechnya (15) - iPlayer

David France's documentary is the most important film you'll watch this year. The shocking reality is that there are essentially concentration camps operating in a European country where being gay is as good as a death sentence.

Bulbbul (15) - Netflix

Set in late 19th century Bengal, Anvita Dutt's supernatural drama is one of the most colourful films you'll see. It's a mix of ghost story, religious fable, classist social satire and period romance - all wrapped up in kaleidoscopic hues.

Shame (18) - All4

Steve McQueen has fast become one of Britain's most accomplished directors. His second film, Shame, brought Michael Fassbender to the attention of mainstream audiences and garnered numerous awards.

Transit (12) - MUBI

Christian Petzold is one of Europe's finest filmmakers and his work just seems to be getting better. Barbara and Phoenix are both wonderful but, Transit was one of the best films of 2018.

Scientology: Going Clear (15) - NOW TV

Alex Gibney is one of the most successful documentarians of the 21st century. He has a wealth of awards to his name, including an Oscar and several Emmys - several for this 2015 documentary looking into the cult of Scientology.

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