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Celluloid Streams: What to watch online this week

We're back with another set of streaming recommendations for your consideration. 

The Farewell (PG) - Prime Video

Lulu Wang's wonderful heart-warming drama was one of the best films of 2019. It's amongst the most beautiful and touching films you'll see about family. Watch trailer.

The Warrior (12) - All4

Whilst Asif Kapadia has made a name for himself from documentary film-making (Senna, Amy, Diego Maradona), he actually started out with this BAFTA-award winning film starring the redoubtable Irrfan Khan (RIP). Watch trailer.

The Age of Shadows (12A) - BBC iPlayer

Jee-woon Kim is one of the best film directors currently working in Korea. With films like I Saw the Devil, A Bittersweet Life and A Tale of Two Sisters, he's made some of the best Korean films of the 21st Century. The Age of Shadows is another great action thriller. Watch trailer.

Sour Grapes (15) - Netflix

If you're anything like me, £10 is more than enough to pay for a decent bottle of wine. However, there are those who will pay vastly more money than I'll see in my entire life for a crate of good vino. Jerry Rothwell and Reuben Atlas' documentary is a wild and wonderful experience. Watch trailer.

Hoop Dreams (12) - MUBI

Back in 1994, Steve James directed one of the most iconic sporting documentaries ever made. Hoop Dreams tells the story of two African-American high school students and their dreams of becoming professional basketball players. Watch trailer.

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Celluloid Streams: Wide selection of documentaries available to watch now

For obvious reasons, Sheffield Doc/Fest is unable to take place in the city this June. Whilst there are plans for physical screenings in autumn, there's no need to wait because the festival launched its own video on demand service this week, offering over 70 films for UK viewers.

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