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Reappraised: Lighthouse Family

When two likely lads from the fishing port of Newcastle upon Tyne stormed the charts with the soulful, easy listening pop gem ‘Lifted’, the fishing community rejoiced as one of their own had hit the big time.

Reappraised: Limp Bizkit

Nu metal is now old metal. That places Limp Bizkit somewhere at the forefront of the Bronze Age, smelting a heady mix of rock and rap in a clay pot of 'nookie' and backwards caps.

Pop Punk & #MeToo

Why the conversation about the genre’s ties to abuse is long overdue.

Sheffield Chamber Music Festival 2020

Music in the Round was one of many organisations that chose to move its 2020 activity online. Jo Towler, Executive Director of Music in the Round, reflects on SCMF at Home.

Digging Deep: Black Beacon's new mix series

In an uneasy time for the creative industries, Black Beacon Sound continue to serve a vital role in the city and beyond through their releases and their physical space at Kelham Arcade. The Dig Deep mix series sees DJs put together sets with records found in the BBS shop. Founders Benny Maths and Toby Hickman told us more.


Musically this month has been dominated by the release of two mind-blowing charity compilations from Sheffield's powerhouse DIY and electronica scenes.