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Stay off the internet: OUt iNK at Sidney & Matilda

Self-identified as “angular and abrasive”, OUt iNK present the audience with a heavily prog-inspired wall of sound. It’s intricate, dynamic, and unlike most things you’ve heard before.

3 July 2024 at
Out ink

"This is a group making music for themselves primarily": OUt iNK at Sidney & Matilda.

Lucy James.

For someone who doesn’t listen to much music like this, it was hard at first to adjust. It felt all over the place and messy – but it worked. The band experiment with technically subversive theory, like interesting and ever-changing time signatures, to keep listeners on their toes, somewhat reminiscent of groups like Yes. However, the political, spoken-word vocal delivery brings a punchier atmosphere to the music. It’s a dark and dramatic, almost Doorsy sound, which carries their message well. Despite the comparison to these bands, however, OUt iNK don’t loiter in one sonic direction for too long, constantly switching things up from a proggy sound to almost post-punk at times.

For me, the most notable element to OUt iNK was their phenomenal drummer, working overtime to keep the band together temporally as a tight unit. Every single beat was met with ferocity – this was especially impressive in their last song, where the experimental time signature required the utmost precision to create the uniform sound that OUt iNK nailed.

It’s the kind of band where you can tell each member is giving their all. It may not be conventional, chart-topping music, but that isn’t what they’ve set out to do. It’s psychedelic, unpredictable, overwhelming at times.

Re-listening to ‘With Us’, which they played when I saw them live, the atmosphere is doom-worthy and oppressive. With a combination of heavy instrumentals and the singer’s murky delivery, OUt iNK certainly create an atmosphere befitting of the current social and political climate. During the set, we were warned to “stay off of the internet”, furthering these strong political overtones. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. This is a group making music for themselves primarily – like it if you want, or your loss.

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Sidney & Matilda is a venue made up of multiple areas. Each area has varying levels of accessibility. The venue has an accessible toilet, which has level access from The Yard. Sidney & Matilda's website has more comprehensive information about the accessibility of each area of the venue.

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