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Heavy Lids, 12 Jan, The Harley

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Sheffield-based rock formation Heavy Lids hit The Harley last month to promote their new single, 'Ariel'. The band performed a relatively modest show that still did a decent job of outlining their promise and talent, managing to launch the single in a fitting way. While the location and the limited setlist put some shackles on the overall enjoyability of the gig, the band did what they could to truly make the night something reminiscent of a banger.

The new song, with its Americana-inspired beat and chic production values, might be the best indicator of where the band is heading. Their airy yet glamorous sound is at most times pleasant to listen to and at others nothing short of transcendent. In these moments, the dream-pop sound created by these talented musicians is perfectly complemented by floating vocals and a formidable stage presence. This extends to some degree through all the other songs that make up an eclectic setlist which is tight in its breeziness, with the perfect ratio of the intense and the tranquil.

The Harley, a compact venue that seeks to strike a balance between being a diner and being a performance hall, could contain Heavy Lids for now, but the band's vibrant energy, solid sound and enthusiastic fan base suggest that they might already be able to fill a bigger room.

The gig was sadly limited by the space and the shorter-than-ideal timeframe, and one could only imagine what they could do if given more to work with onstage. Still, the show ended on a satisfying note, thanks to the enthusiastic folk in the crowd who cheered them through the final songs while echoing the joy that radiated from the band.

Máté Mohos

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