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Live Picks (Feb '19): Gig Listings by Sam Gregory

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You might remember reading in these very pages the news that an intrepid group of climate-conscious ravers were journeying to the Gobi Desert to install a sandstorm warning alarm that utilises Darude's 'Sandstorm'. Well, they're back.

"The expedition was a decisive victory," filmmaker Alex Noble told me. "Not only did the research team complete their field test, but we filmed an informative and engaging documentary in the process. Whilst there have been allegations against Chin Stroke R&D that the project was an elaborate excuse to go on holiday, the company wholeheartedly rejects these claims."

After all that toil, does the detector do the job? "The scarcity of electronic components in the Gobi Desert pushed our engineering department to its limits, but they're a resourceful bunch and were able to get the detector working," said Noble. "The first dataset revealed storms of devastating severity." The team are now crowdfunding the film's post-production. Search GoFundMe for 'Project Sandstorm'.

Graham Fellows

Mon 4 Feb | Greystones | £14.30

The Sheffield-born character comedian Fellows is best known for snotty punk Jilted John and the gentle John Shuttleworth. But for once he's "completely out of character", playing songs on an acoustic guitar and a harmonium and telling tales from a life lived in the shadows of his own superstars.


Tue 5 Feb | Sheffield Students' Union | £11.25

The selector's selector touches down at Tuesday Club with his signature blend of murky techno and obscure house belters. Support comes from London's object blue, whose productions brim with lopsided beats and abstract textures.


Wed 6 Feb | Lescar | £8

Vibraphonist and improviser Corey Mwamba is retiring from public performance, but not before one final jam for Jazz at the Lescar. The Derby-born player has assembled a new quartet for the occasion, with bassist Andy Champion and drummer Johnny Hunter joining pianist Laura Cole, last seen in this room leading the jaw-dropping Metamorphic.

SONA Presents Unpeeled: AGF

Fri 8 Feb | DINA | £6 suggested donation

The SONA series showcasing women in music technology continues with 'audio sculptress' AGF. Her performances cross mediums, incorporating field recordings, electronics, language and the moving image to create a 'glowing post-internet tapestry'. They'll also be a talk from the artist.


Fri 8 Feb | Hatch | £7

The city's most irreverent night out returns with BYOB party 'I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin' at the old Audacious space. On the wheels of steel are DJ Kenny White and Danny Bushes, Dean Helmet of Club Rush, plus all the way from Monaco, non-dom DJ Lewis Hamilton.

A Reyt Queer Do: Electric Dreams Edition

Sat 16 Feb | Theatre Deli | £14.90 (£4.83 unwaged, asylum seekers/refugees free)

The drag king extravaganza goes back to the future, with LoUis CYfer hosting an all-out eighties affair. Christian Adore of the Dragprov Revue is on the bill, as well as a handful of fresh faces lucky enough to win a coveted open mic slot.

Sheffield Does 69 Love Songs

Sat 16 Feb | DINA | Pay as you feel

As Stan Skinny shows us so eloquently in this month's Music column, 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields is a remarkable cultural achievement. Come and hear friends from far and wide cover every single one of those songs in one afternoon to raise money for the Snowdrop Project.


Fri 22 Feb | Hatch | £6

Manchester's most adventurous club collective comes to Hatch (née Audacious Art Experiment), led by resident Clemency and her everything-up-for-grabs style of mixing. She's joined by BFTT, Heinrich Schwarzer and local live coder Heavy Lifting. Rian Treanor and Karl D'Silva also play live.

International Teachers of Pop

Fri 22 Feb | Leadmill | £13.20

It's the new outfit from Adrian Flanagan, the man who brought you Eccentronic Research Council and The Moonlandingz alongside Dean Honer. They've brought onboard Katie Mason and this month's interviewee, Soundcarriers singer Leonore Wheatley, with no lesser aim than pure pop perfection.


Sat 23 Feb | Secret location | £13.50

After an already-legendary throwdown with Sybil and Proteus, the Control crew are back with Spanish electro selector Alienata. She's joined in an intimate 125-capacity space by Randy Lahey from STI and residents Muad'dib, Brujo & AR1. It's BYOB.

Club Rush

Fri 1 Mar | Hatch | £5

Queer party Club Rush returns to its Harwood Street home. There's a new name above the door, but it's still the same blend of euphoric house and disco from Sheffield's own Proteus, Max Allen and DJ Kathy Burke (apparently).

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