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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 62 May 2013

Has spring arrived? I bet by the time you read this it is pissing it down, but as I write the sun is shining generously on the People’s Republic.

I suspect this month’s art submission will divide opinion, but we are all big fans and we like to change things up from one month to the next. Barnsley-based John Ledger is certainly our first featured artist to work exclusively in biro, and to my eyes the sheer detail in his work is astounding. Read about his approach to art in our interview on page 22.

We’ve got some great features this month too, including Fraser Bayes’ piece on Margaret Thatcher, a special edition of Dead Space on Sheffield Ski Village, Jordan Lee Smith’s Edale to Sheffield ale trail and an interview with rogue classical pianist James Rhodes.

Keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement relating to our sponsorship of this year’s Doc/Fest on social media in the coming days. We can’t tell you much more than to say it will be a fantastic event well worth a look in.


This month's articles

Localcheck The past and present.

An old man once told me that there used to be about 50 small shops in his village. It was Beighton, then in north-east Derbyshire but later…

Ale Trail: Edale to Sheffield

A return ticket from Sheffield to Edale and a small budget will take you a long way to sampling some fantastic real ale.

John Ledger: Humans in Cages

John Ledger is an artist based in his home town of Barnsley. Working with the straightforward combination of biro and paper, John creates…

Sound Difference and Repetition.

Recently I’ve been thinking about music needlessly again, specifically about the importance of repetition and its varying functions in…

James Rhodes: Life is too Short

Classical music isn’t known for being an accessible art form. It is deeply embedded in our culture and there are plenty of classical pieces…

Sustainable fish.

Serves 2. 2 mackerel (ask fishmonger to remove head, gut and fillet) 2 handfuls of fine or medium polenta/cornmeal Quartered baby…

Filmreel Overrated/Underrated Vol. 1

JOÃO PAULO SIMÕES. It all starts in the mind - that subjective construct of ours, built upon belief and deception of the self in equal…