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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 51 June 2012

We have some excellent articles for you this month. Alt-Sheff considers the case for cannabis decriminalisation on page 5, Ben Dorey talks about the history of climbing in Sheffield on page 9, and Ben Jackson revels in the glory of real ale on page 20. Our music feature this month sees Alex Keegan explore the links between Sheffield and Detroit.

Due to financial constraints, Now Then will be onlineonly for July and August. We want to be back in full force come September, so taking a summer break from print seems like a sensible choice, but don’t forget that all of the usual content will be available on as usual. ‘Like’ the Now Then page on Facebook to stay up to date.

Our June art submission comes from Dan McCarthy, a US-based screen printing extraordinaire with an immediately identifiable style. Trees galore. Read an interview with Dan on page 32.

Don’t forget that Peace in the Park, everyone’s favourite free community festival, takes place on Saturday 9th June at Ponderosa Park. Visit for more details, including the full line-up. We’ll be hosting the Other Stage, so see you down there.

Thanks for reading.


This month's articles

Localcheck Decriminalisation.

Last year the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a highpowered panel including several former heads of state, concluded that the so-called…

Fracking: Frack off

The coalition claimed when they entered power that this would be the greenest government ever. This is up there with the idea that Xenu…

Daily Bread.

Cassie Kill. This recipe for Italian tomato and bread salad is very simple, so good quality ingredients really shine through. 4 large…

Real Ale: Get supping

Walking into the pub, enjoying the anticipation with a wistful and instinctive licking of the lips, I contemplate the selection of…

Sound The Vinyl Straw.

If you're within easy reach of any kind of low-resolution image of an animal/celebrity/religious figure with a sarcastic 'COOL STORY, BRO'…

High Tech Soul: Transatlantic industry

Techno always used to puzzle my former self. How could millions across the world be entranced by what is essentially a straight 4/4 beat…

Filmreel Realism.

JOÃO PAULO SIMÕES. Realism in film is overrated. This has been my firm belief for quite some time. Since way before I started making…