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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 49 April 2012

It is a big couple of months for us at Opus. Last month saw the release of our first CD, made up of tracks from past Opus Acoustics performers like Sieben and Woolly Mammoth, and this month the Now Then ale, lovingly crafted at Abbeydale Brewery, will be making its way to all your favourite boozing establishments in Sheffield and beyond.

Now Then is also celebrating, because this is our 4th birthday issue. A large and sincere ‘thank you’ has to go out to everyone who has been involved with the magazine in any capacity since April 2008 – writers, proof readers, artists, designers, photographers musicians, poets, promoters, and of course independent traders, without whom none of this would have been possible. We never dreamed that this magazine would grow as much as it has in the last four years, and long may it continue.

More and more of you are getting in touch with me to pitch ideas for articles or to comment on the content in Now Then. This is a great thing, and one of the primary reasons the mag was set up. You don’t have to be a professional writer to get involved.

This month we have interviews with American comic Doug Stanhope and folk duo A Hawk and A Hacksaw, who recently performed their re-score of classic Soviet film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors in Sheffield. We also have an interview with local label Itchy Pig Records, and articles covering council cuts, Portland Works and high speed rail.

Artwork this month comes courtesy of the highly regarded Humanstudio, a creative agency founded in Sheffield by Nick Bax, previously a director of The Designers Republic. A pleasure indeed.


This month's articles

Localcheck Anti-militarism.

Fighting is never the best way to settle an argument. We teach children this, yet we also show them a stream of gun-filled movies, displays…

Railways: Alternatives to HS2

I love travelling on railways. I enjoy chatting to strangers, having occasional naps, and most of all, watching the view. Anyone else who's…

Council Cuts: Who's to blame?

As we approach the local elections, things are not as they may seem. Local issues are being shaped perhaps more than ever before by wider…

Supper Clubs.

Serves 4. Cassie Kill. FISHCAKES: 300g potatoes 450g salmon 2 tablespoons olive oil Small bunch coriander One tablespoon plain flour,…

Sound Niche Market.

The supposed 'demise' of bassline house often sparks up as a hot topic of debate on Twitter and Facebook as well as elsewhere. Some arguing…

Headsup Itchy Pig Records.

The abundance of formats artists can use to promote their own work these days raises a stream of questions surrounding the relevance of…

Humanstudio: Stainless Steel

Whilst art, be it fine art to graffiti, illustrate points with avid detail and hand worked finesse, design and graphic art are distinctly…