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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 47 February 2012

We are really pleased to present the creations of local artist Andrew Hunt, whose oil paintings have graced the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in recent years. In my opinion the centre page poster is particularly striking. Read an interview with Andrew on page 29.

We’ve got another strong issue for you this month. David Berry introduces some worthwhile local cooperatives, Andrea Burns discusses the age-old battle between analogue and digital photography in her piece on the Impossible Project, and Robin Lovelace cycles up and down the steepest hills in Sheffield. Our music interview is with German composer Nils Frahm and this month’s Filmreel section focuses on the best and worst of big screen remakes.

I’m always going on about getting involved in Now Then, but if you are interested in contributing to the mag please don’t hesitate to get in touch. While space in print can be limited, we have plenty of room on the web for publishing pieces by aspiring writers and if your article isn’t time-sensitive we can always save it for a rainy day.


This month's articles

Localcheck Sheffield Charities.

As Now Then is often proud to point out, there are a lot of good things about living in Sheffield. But some of the best things around here…


Courtesy of the Wick at Both Ends / Grace Tebbutt. Serves 3-4. Pies can be a great way to make a simple stew into an impressive meal, and…

Andrew Hunt: Mester of Oils

This month's art comes from local maker Andrew Hunt. With several national exhibitions under his belt, you'd expect Sheffielders to know…

Nils Frahm: Making A Statement

Nils Frahm is a German musician currently releasing on Londonbased label Erased Tapes. Having learned the piano from a former student of…

Filmreel Damn Remakes.

Nicola Bierton. Remakes - the ageless thorn in my side. I have to constantly ask myself, why remake a classic film that has stood the test…