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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 144 March 2020

It’s a pleasure to put out our second print issue of the year, with art from the esteemed Christina Quarles, interviews with folk legend Peggy Seeger and anti- Brexit campaign group Led By Donkeys, and pieces about Art Battle, AFC Unity, indie trade in Sheffield, and why we aren’t interested in going to the moon anymore.

After a great slog from the Opus team, we’ve just launched the Festival of Debate 2020 programme, almost in tandem with this mag hitting the streets. Check out our listings for just some of what we’ve got in store for Sheffield in April and May. Big names include Chris Packham, George Monbiot, Gina Martin, Gloria Steinem, Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods), David Olusoga, Jessica Fostekew and Ash Sarkar, but don’t forget there are over 130 events spanning six weeks, hosted in collaboration with over 70 partner organisations. You can find out more at


This month's articles

Localcheck Heritage Now

We've got a brilliant past ahead of us. This month a Heritage Plan for Sheffield will be launched. It's the final version of a strategy,…

Adventure Play: Assembling The Bits

As artist-in-residence at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, I'm constantly reminded how brilliant it is to be a child. Play is a human right and, like art, it's should be defined as something that is for itself.

Freshly Baked

To celebrate all that is baked, we spoke to Mark from Roses The Bakers and Alexa from Aesthete Coffee + Kitchen.

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

We invest so much in musicians. Not just our time and money, but also a bit of ourselves. We use their music to help define us. That's why…

PROLE JAZZ Songs of February 2020

February experienced a musical swarm of creative output from the city of Sheffield and we've been inundated with all kinds of tunes, from tropical bangers to cosmic boogie freak-outs to psych-pop gems.

Headsup We Were Born Queens

Sheffield native and live music promoter Felicity Hoy has brought a dazzling array of colourful and creative music experiences to the city…

The Lighthouse: An American myth

Salt-crusted wood and flaky green metal, the lightest footprint of civilisation already ruined and retaken by the sea and sand of a lonely…

To Move In Time

Crucible, Friday 7 February What would you do if you could travel in time? It's something we've all thought about. It might have been in…