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Live Picks (March '20): Ella Hohnen-Ford / La Rumba's Third Birthday / Utility Tapes / Giblet / Neil Campbell and more...

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Ella Hohnen-Ford

Much-missed punk venue The Lughole will return to Sheffield with a new home in Kelham Island. "It's a massive relief to win the planning battle but now the hard work starts in earnest," Paul Hubbard of the Lughole Collective told Now Then.

The second incarnation will feature rehearsal rooms, a 220-capacity performance space and a bar. Opening in 2013, the first Lughole hosted bands including Hounds of Hate and Shrapnel before it was forced to close due to licensing.

Once it reopens the venue will be run on a membership model, giving fans a real say in the development of the space. "This really is about building a permanent, meaningful platform where creative people that are not looking for what the mainstream has to offer can feel at home, included and part of a community."

Ella Hohnen-Ford

Wed 4 March | Lescar | £8 (£5 concs)

Making her name as a vocalist with the acclaimed ensemble Elftet, Ella Hohnen-Ford draws inspiration from singers including Sarah Vaughan and Joni Mitchell. She returns with a new quartet: Noah Stoneman on piano, Will Sach on bass and drummer Dave Hamblett of Magic Lantern.

La Rumba's Third Birthday: Mr Scruff

Fri 6 Mar | Yellow Arch | £16.90

With a collection of over 20,000 records to choose from, an all-night-long set from Mr Scruff is always going to be a wild ride. He's joined in the main room by cassette DJ and titular label boss Awesome Tapes From Africa, who follows a three-hour set from joyous Manchester selector SNO.

Utility Tapes

Sat 7 Mar | Bishops' House | £8

New cassette label Utility Tapes launches with this showcase featuring three of their roster, including mask4mask troubadour Sammartino and the label's own all-star house band, Space Malk. There's also a solo set from Zejma, who'll be improvising a synthesis of harsh noise and ambient tones.


Sat 7 Mar | Café Totem | £8.85 (£6.76 concs)

Psychic London-based band Giblet serve up a special treat for Buds & Spawn with a revival of their meta rock opera, Clayton 2020: The Tripedal Cat, a 90-minute tale of shifting consciousness and erased memories. They're supported by the melodic basslines and guitar drones of Brötchen. Over 18s only.

Neil Campbell

Wed 11 Mar | Merlin Theatre | £12.98 (£9.86 concs)

Flying Donkey bring classical guitarist and composer Neil Campbell to the Merlin Theatre for a night of solo guitar expanded into a whole sonic universe through loops and other gadgetry. Support comes from cello improviser Liz Hanks pairing up with the Asturian-influenced flautist Michael Walsh.

The Jamil Sheriff Quartet

Thu 12 March | DINA | £5

As part of a new series of forward-thinking jazz at DINA, the Cambridge Street venue welcome pianist Jamil Sheriff alongside Sam Quintana on bass. His quartet also features drummer Steve Hanley and Will Howard on sax for a mix of standards and Sheriff's original compositions.

Future Jazz: Noya Rao + Morpher

Fri 13 Mar | Yellow Arch | £7

Releasing records on the renowned Gondwana label, electronic soul collective Noya Rao are rising stars in the future jazz scene. Support comes from Morpher, who fuse traditional jazz with elements of hip-hop, drum 'n' bass and ambient electronics.

Sounds Like This

Sat 14 Mar | Bal Fashions | £6.10 (or 3-for-2)

The long-time home of leftfield dance on Sheffield Live!, Sounds Like This returns for its second club outing with Chris Finguz collaborating with vocalist Jessica Aziza and MC Mighty. There's also a DJ set from local legend Winston Hazel and a mixtape takeover downstairs.


Mon 16 Mar | Corporation | £26.50

Folk metal troupe Korpiklaani - Finnish for The Backwoods Clan - return to UK shores on their Land of A Thousand Drinks world tour. As you'd expect from that title, as well as singles 'Vodka' and 'Jägermeister', much of their work celebrates the double-edged pleasures of hard liquor. Support from Nuclear Blast labelmates Burning Witches.

Olcay Bayir

Fri 20 Mar | Hallam Union | £17.34 (£8.67 concs)

Classically-trained soprano Olcay Bayir was born in southern Turkey, close to the Syrian border. Her music blends the Kurdish and Turkish folk songs of her youth with West African traditions, as well as other global sounds from her many collaborators. She'll be performing at this TalkingGigs event before discussing her influences onstage.

Andro and Eve presents: The Kingdom Come #6

Sat 21 Mar | Abbeydale Picture House | £16.50 (£11 low income / £5.50 unwaged)

Dive into a world of queer joy with this special 'Under the Sea' edition of drag king cabaret. Hosted by drag star Christian Adore in the gorgeous surroundings of the Abbeydale Picture House, performances include Wesley Dykes, Mo Terboat, Prinx Silver and Georgeous Michael.


Wed 25 Mar | Lescar | £8 (£5 concs)

This Leeds-based quintet perform compositions by saxophonist Jasmine Whalley, who blends jazz, hip-hop and electronics into a fresh new sound. Inspired by the likes of MF Doom and Bonobo, Whalley is joined by drummer George Hall and guitarist Ben Haskins from Têtes de Pois.

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