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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 140 November 2019

At Now Then we recognise that we need to celebrate and amplify the voices of marginalised people in our society. Over the last 11 years we’ve not always got that right, but we want our magazine to represent the vast diversity of perspectives and lived experiences present in our city.

This is a call out for new writers, but especially those from communities who are often excluded from mainstream media due to their ethnicity or national origin, their sexual orientation, their gender or their disability, as well as community groups who think their stakeholders, clients and customers may be interested.

If you want to get involved with Now Then as a contributor or just find out more, come down to our next writers’ social, Wednesday 4 December from 7pm at The Devonshire Cat, or drop me an email.


This month's articles

Localcheck Harvest for the World

Autumn's the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and seasonal affective disorder, so it's good to get outdoors. One Sheffield organisation…

Cooperatives for Change

Cooperatives are built on foundations of equality, where all members have a voice and an active role. In Sheffield, the focus of many food…

Morley's Fun Page Animal Hanging

There are records of animals being put on trial and punished by public execution, usually hanging, dating back to the 13th through to 16th century for crimes ranging from theft to murder to bestiality.

Florence Blanchard Everyday vibrancy

If you've lived or spent any extended period of time in the city of Sheffield, Florence Blanchard is an artist that you'll be aware of, whether you know her name yet or not.


Something like Joker was inevitable. With the superhero genre having long since conquered contemporary cinema, it was only a matter of time…